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There is beauty in utility which is why I don't shy away from utilitarian projects. Even when making a "pure" art piece I tend to be influenced by utility.


Sam was born in Iowa in 1963. In the early 1970's his father, Sandy, taught him the basics of hand tools and some power tools. Instilled with their father's do-it-yourself attitude, Sam and his brother built all kinds of youthful-boy stuff out of scrap lumber (and never put their father's tools back where they belonged).

In junior high school Sam did poorly in the jock-dominated woodshop class. Mechanical drawing was another thing entirely—he excelled. This began his be-an-architect phase. In high school, Sam was introduced to jewelry making while pursuing further training in architectural drawing and Architectural College prerequisites. He also found he had a knack for computers and began self-training in that discipline.

Then came college and architecture shifted to graphic design. While unsuccessfully working the politics of the graphics department, he continued his metalsmithing and sculpture training. It was in the jewelry industry that he found his primary vocation until the late 1990's. This was also the beginning of his independent work in the computer industry.

During Sam's jewelry-time he had a chance to share a woodshop with a friend. A rekindling of delight occurred. It was a release to work in a larger scale compared to jewelry. So much so, that in 1998 he laid down his jeweler's saw for good.

Currently supported by his technological skills, he does not depend on woodworking and art to support him. Which means he only makes what he wants even though there isn't enough time to make everything he wants.

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