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Current News & Projects: 08 July 2006

New Websites

Dorothy Nevitt has been added to the collective. She ended up creating a large portfolio that covers a broad range of her work including sculpture, photography, printmaking, drawing, and graphic design. She was trained at the Rhode Island School of Design and it shows (in a really good way). Take a look at her work. Buy her work.

I've also split-off my Interests section from this Website. If you click the Interests button, above, you'll be magically transported to my Art/Woodworking portfolio (also hosted on good ol' I've added a few more items.

Moved Website

SisterBloc has moved back into the fold. We're thrilled to have them represented by "The Sock." They had a major rework of the items displayed on their site a few months ago, so if you haven't checked them out in a while, you should.