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A List of Favorites

Current/Recent Projects

Sam Furrow, Artist/Woodworker Website

Client: Self


My own portfolio for non-Web design items. Duties: everything.

Dorothy Nevitt, Sculptor/Designer Website

Client: Dorothy Nevitt


Dorothy is a multi-faceted artist working in Tucson and a welcome addition to the project. She has provided an extensive selection of her work. Duties: web design, logo design, photography, and webmaster.

Thomas Cattany Architecture, LLC Website

Client: Thomas Cattany


A Tucson, Arizona based environmentally conscious architectural firm lead by talented architect Tom Cattany. Duties: web design (based on Tom's design) and webmaster.

Rudi Nadler Website

Client: Rudi Nadler


Another site representing a large collection of Rudi's paintings and drawings. Duties: web design, photography, and webmaster.

Jude Clarke Website

Client: Jude Clarke


Jude is a talented metalsmith/jeweler that creates industrially-inspired items. Hers is the first official Web site. Duties: web design and webmaster.

Sisterbloc Atelier Website

Client: Sisterbloc Atelier


A Web site for two sisters working together to create some really hip jewelry. It is an ongoing project. Duties so far: web design, photography, logo design.

In June, 2006, SisterBloc was moved back into Website

Client: Various

URL: is my parent Web site (whatever that means). It's just the entry point for other Web sites in the family. You may have reached this Web site via sock23--maybe not (you tricky devil). This project continues to develop.

08 July 2006: Site has been redesigned.

My Business Cards

Client: Self

Just havin' some fun.

Some Previous Web Projects

ZapMap Interactive Map

Client: Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

An intranet Flash-based application for displaying maps during briefings between instructor pilots and students.

(Plan Of Action & Milestones Navigator)

Client: Missile Defense Agency (MDA/PII)

Another intranet Flash-based app. This one was designed to simplify and standardize a common information presentation format.

EL Tracker
(Export License Tracker)

Client: Missile Defense Agency (MDA/PII)

A combined Flash and MS Access application to help an overworked analyst.

And Some Previous Graphics Projects

A Selection of Logos

Client: various

A few logos I've done over the years.