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POAM Nav (Plan Of Action & Milestones Navigator)

Client: Missile Defense Agency (MDA/PII)

The POAM was developed by the Navy as a way to present the status of a project during a briefing. The POAM Nav web application provides a standardized visual display of the POAM format as well as simplifying creation, editing, and updating of POAMs. Uses a Flash front-end for display and editing within a web browser.

POAM Nav: Desktop

The Desktop provides a quick status overview of the currently tracked POAMs. Color-coding is pretty straight-forward and represents timeliness: red is bad (overdue), green is good (on time). The calendar changes to show the current month in the second position. Eventually we wanted to color-code days on the calendar to match each of the POAMs.

Clicking on one of the POAM titles displays the details of the POAM...

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