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EL Tracker
(Export License Tracker)

Client: Missile Defense Agency (MDA/PII)

A hybrid Intranet web application using a Flash front-end to display details and metrics for tracking the internal handling of Export Licenses (for technology, information, etc.). The Web site data is generated from a stand-alone Microsoft Access database.

EL Tracker Database (MS Access)

We heard about a problem in a corner cubicle at MDA. The guy in charge of keeping on top of the status of Export License requests was falling behind. This is our answer. The situation involved a very busy person who was forced into spending too much time generating reports for the Export License requests. He sometimes had a couple dozen requests arrive in a day, and that was added to the current stack of requests.

We used Access to create a database to track the info he was worried about. Then we used Access to generate XML data that would feed the automatic reporting module...

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